"I just want to thank you for making our event wonderful! Thank you again for making sure that our guests had a great time. We will definitely be working with you again!"

-Veritas Funding

"Missy & Remy, I cannot tell you how much you made this wedding fun! You turned a lifeless crowd into dancing machines! Thank you so much for taking care of our baby on her big day! We love you!"


"Thank you so much for sending me off with a bang! I so enjoyed my farewell party at the F.O.E! I will miss all of my friends here in Utah and the great memories we have made together! Thanks again you two!"


"You are by far my favorite band at The Break! Your acoustic music is so pure and I absolutely love the CD that you gave me! I look forward to seeing you every month at my favorite place!"


"Missy & Remy...we have never heard a duet play Santana and then jump to Alicia Keys without missing a beat! We will definitely come back to the Cliff Dining Pub and bring more friends next time!"